Naturland certification

A matter close to our hearts: Naturland certification. We have been certified for the production of organic malt since April 2019. With a view to the harmony of nature, health and this certification enables us to expand our range to include controlled, untreated malt. Buyers of such products include traditional breweries, young craft beer breweries and established breweries from all over Germany.

Martin Brewery first organic malt customer

Tradition and quality are very important to the Martin brewery in Hausen. Despite everything, you keep up with the times and rely on visions and their implementation. So it happens that the Martin Brewery brews the first organic beer from the region, the basic ingredient for it comes from Schweinfurt: the newly produced organic malt from the Schubert malt house. The supplier of the organic barley is the Obbach estate from the Lower Franconian homeland. The first shipment was 19 tons and was delivered on April 29, 2019.

Everything prepared for organic production

In the center of Schweinfurt we have known how to process high quality malt for over a century. With the Naturland certification, we are now raising our quality standards one step higher, above all one step above those of our competitors. Our technology and our staff have been meticulously prepared for the new product line. After numerous training courses and completed practical processes – also with our breweries and farmers – we are now sure to be able to offer you a carefully processed and high-quality organic malt. We obtain the organic barley for this from regional farmers in the Lower Franconian homeland. In this process, we also process our customers’ barley purchases on a contract basis.