Home and Quality Location.

Our malthouse is located right in the Lower-Franconian city of Schweinfurt where we produce premium malt for small and large breweries with a small, familial team. The quality of our malt and our services is at the base of our customers’ success. And this, on the other hand, is the base for our success. With this conviction and the ensuing consistent actions, Mälzerei Günther Schubert has acquired an excellent reputation among their customers during the last decade and is valued worldwide. Homogenous malts of the highest quality and the alignment of our services with our customers’ expectations will continue to be our maxim to act on in the future.

Partnership for success.

Quality, continuity, partnership – this applies both to our in-house team and the cooperation with our suppliers, the growers of the raw material. Only the growers put us in a position to fulfil the standards set by ourselves and our customers. Together we are strong – with this conviction we shape and maintain the relationship with our suppliers and provide specific professional development for our employees. They make a major contribution to the success of our company. „Schubert’s malt for the best beers“ is the motto which all our staff are dedicated to fulfil every day. Guaranteed!

Technology and Specialist Knowledge.

On the relatively limited floor area of 2,900 square meters, there are 2 modern silo towers and 5 Privé round silos with an overall volume of 11,000 tons. Two steeping floors with four stainless steel steeping tanks each are geared for a steeping time of 2 days with amply designed ventilation systems which ensure gentle water intake of the grains and activate a steady start of germination. The six- to seven-day germination process takes place in two “Lausmann“ system germination lines with a daily capacity of 32 tons and a further eight Saladin germination boxes with an overall daily capacity of 20 tons. The germination lines and the eight Saladin boxes respectively are adjoined to a total of three high-performance kilns. Kilning of the green malt is carried out by indirect heating of inlet air. Cooling systems with a cooling capacity of 600,000 kcal/h ensure keepability of delivered barley as well as cooling of the malt.